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About Indian Expo

Welcome to the Indian Business Expo – Indian Expo

The first and largest specialized Indian business expo, offering a unique opportunity to share Indian business ideas and expertise. The expo presents India’s featured projects and products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the largest business market in the Middle East.Indian Expo provides the opportunity for exposition that is more appropriate and suitable for the Saudi economic need, it also offers the ability to have partnerships and build databases of clients to reach the highest levels of businessmen and managers; decision-makers and influencers, in the biggest market of the Middle East…

The Expo is held between 22 – 24 October 2017… in the Exhibition and Conference Hall at Jeddah Hilton Hotel with the organization and management From MBN Luxury lines that has a world experience in organizing and managing exhibitions and conferences.


Why Saudi Arabia?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represents the largest economic power in the Middle East, being one of the world’s largest oil exporter in the world. The Kingdom is also characterized by its wide land with a population of over 27 million inhabitants.Also, the Kingdom government has always sought to develop plans to diversify the economic base and sources of economic production. It is also still working to support private sector growth and enhance its contribution to attract foreign capital to support investment projects in order to reduce dependence on oil as a major supplier of the national economy, and to reduce the rate of unemployment, provide job opportunities for Saudi youth in the Kingdom, and to raise its economic and competitive power and position among the nations of the world… Now, its view of sustainable development has become an important strategic choice.

Some characteristics that make the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a very distinctive destination for showing projects, services and business ideas with effective economic impact

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab Gulf country in terms of population and economic power
  • The government growing interest in economic base diversity.
  • The private sector in Saudi Arabia that is considered a promising future for growth and development.

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’ experience in hosting huge numbers of visitors.

  • The government work on developing the private sector by encouraging the promotion of exhibitions and conferences.

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’ experience in hosting huge numbers of visitors.

  • The availability of high quality hotels in strategic and important sites.

  • The high growth in the Saudi gross domestic product (GDP)… and the Gulf and the Middle East in general.

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest oil producer in the world. 

  • Expecting a high economic growth in all economic areas, like the oil industry and energy.

  • The significant growth in academic institutions 

  • The strong infrastructure in the national and international telecommunications and transportation.


Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors showcasing


Agro and Food Processing  

Automobiles & Ancillaries  


Chemicals and Petrochemicals  

Electronic System Design & Manufacturing (ESDM)  


Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises  


Non conventional Energy 

Oil and Gas



Renewable Energy 

IT – ITeS  

Road Transport

Mega Projects

Skill Development 



Urban Development

Water Recycling 

Innovation and R&D


Gems & Jewelry


Plan Your Trip

Advance visas are required for all foreigners wishing to enter Saudi Arabia. The only significant exception is citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council nations. Saudis prefer notto grant visas to unaccompanied women, but work permits are common in some fieldsespecially nurses, teachers, maids and possible for anyone if your sponsor has enough
connections. However as a female traveler to Saudi Arabia, it is easier for females over 30 years of age to obtain a visa. All business travellers require a business visa for entry into Saudi Arabia. Business visas are issued to the following individuals: business people, investors, representatives of companies, managers, sales managers, sales representatives,
accountants, production managers, administrative managers, and consultants. Visitors to Saudi Arabia who arrive on business visas also require an invitation from the local sponsor, Reed Sunaidi, who will issue you with an invite letter. You then need to take the letter along with your passport to the Saudi embassy or consulate in your country. If you would
like to access the list of relevant embassies and consulates, please email : for further information. Once this invitation is secured and certified, the actual process of issuing the visa is relatively fast and painless, taking anything from 3 days to two weeks. 


Why sponsor?

Participating as a sponsor at INDIAN EXPO 2017 can take you straight to your target in
a promising market and demonstrate your level of support and
commitment to the professional industry.

- Gives you immediate recognition as an industry leader.
- A great platform to showcase your latest services, developments and products.
- Your Company/Organization will gain merit as a good corporate & positive publicity.
- An opportunity to build and reinforce strategic relationships with Buyer in diffrenets industry.
- Time to network with industry colleagues and key decision makers.
- A way to reinforce your organization's brand and build brand awareness amongst a relevant audience.
- Increased marketing opportunities including the most of marketing materials of the exhibition.
- Increase your market share.


Who will attend?

- Investors working in the Same Exhibitors field
- Senior Governmental representatives
- Professional decision makers from Saudi Arabia and abroad
- All Sector professional staffs
- Public visitors from Saudi Arabia and GCC






Convention Center, Jeddah Hilton, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Why Indain Expo?

Present your Prouduct
Build Partnerships
Connect with buyers
Reach large market